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Newport News, VA – Smart City Initiatives

Posted by taadmin on September 27, 2022

February 2018 began on a positive note in Newport news when the City hosted a Smart Cities Readiness Workshop, the purpose of which was to develop strategies for implementing smart infrastructure for the area.

Workshop participants, which numbered more than 125, included city officials and department heads, business leaders, university representatives and technology professionals. Overseeing the workshop were members of the Smart Cities Council, which assists communities in their plans to further inclusion, innovation and investment through its Readiness Program.

Workshop attendees discussed initiatives such as converting street lights to LEDs, improving public safety with videos that could be used by first responders in an emergency, and providing citizens with more access to open data through technology like free Wi-Fi. It’s all about putting the latest technological advancements to use and taking best advantage of the many opportunities for building a smart city.

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