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Location Matters

Posted by taadmin on September 26, 2022

You no doubt have a wish list for your dream home, and that includes the location. The things that are important to you now will likely have an effect on the value of your home in coming years, if and when you decide to sell. But finding a good match—dream home vs. location—is not always easy.


The look

The first item on your wish list is probably the appearance of the home itself. Does it have curb appeal? Has it been well-maintained? Does the “look” match that of other homes in the area? In other words, does the neighborhood at large give the impression of being well cared for?

Schools and businesses

If you have children, you will want to live in a neighborhood that is near good schools. If it is close to public transportation or offers a short commute to your workplace, so much the better. And what about healthcare? It would also be a good idea to be close to doctors, dentists and a hospital, wouldn’t it?

Shopping and dining

If finding a home close to shopping and dining options is important to you, you’re going to love the Hampton Roads area. From boutiques to the big box stores, from chain restaurants to local favorites, you’ll find everything you’re looking for here, and in close proximity to whatever community you choose to live in. Keep in mind that a future buyer for your home will likely appreciate easy access to dining and shopping venues, too.

Similar values

Experience shows us that people gravitate toward those who share similar ideas and values. As a REALTOR®, I can certainly help with this aspect of your home search. We’ll concentrate on areas where you will feel comfortable with like-minded neighbors, people who maintain their homes well in neighborhoods that have held their value over time.

Coming home

Your new home doesn’t have to be gold-plated to make you feel you’ve hit the jackpot. If you find that a particular neighborhood is welcoming, if the house you’re interested in there gives you a sense that you’ve “come home,” you have probably found the perfect match. As a REALTOR®, I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to help a buyer reach that point in the search. My job is to check off as many items as possible on your wish list. I know the communities, I know the homes that are available and I can help narrow that search. It’s true that location matters; it’s one of the primary ingredients in finding the home of your dreams.

– Crystal Sullivan

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