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Staging your Home for Sale – 6 Great Tips

Posted by taadmin on September 26, 2022

As a REALTOR®, I have witnessed many a prospective buyer’s reaction to the appearance of a home that is up for sale. I have listened to their comments and made mental notes about their likes and dislikes, what they found attractive and what turned them off. Some of the comments were universal, and I’ve put together a list of those I’ve heard most often. With that list as the foundation, here are six great tips for staging your home so you can impress the next potential buyer who comes through the door.


Remove clutter

If a buyer can’t see your home for all the clutter, you lose. Get rid of the magazines, knick-knacks and toys. Either throw them away or store them in boxes. Then take a look at your furniture: Too much is a major turnoff for buyers because they can’t get an accurate idea of room size. Put some of your furniture in storage, if you must.

Update your kitchen

If you’re going to invest in anything, let it be new appliances for your kitchen; you will recoup the money you spend. Stainless steel makes an excellent impression, but it needs to shine. You can take care of fingerprints by applying a solution of one part vinegar and one part water, and buffing with a dry cloth. If your cabinets look dated, you can get new doors and drawer fronts plus new hardware. Keep in mind that your countertops should be clutter-free when prospective buyers come to call. Leave out just a few items plus a bowl of colorful fruit and perhaps a vase of fresh flowers.

Make bathrooms sparkle

Bathrooms can look weary. If the tile needs a new look, try re-glazing, a less expensive alternative to having your tile replaced. If you need to freshen your grout, a mix of bleach and water should take care of mold issues. Also, make sure your cabinets are neat and clutter-free. Believe me when I tell you that potential buyers will look inside cabinets and closets!

Repurpose materials

Take a look around. Do you have old fabrics that are still in good condition, or pieces of old paneling stacked in the garage? Perhaps you could make something old new again, use it in a different way, have something attractive and save some money. Example: Could you create an attractive headboard with repurposed materials?

Smooth out awkward spaces

Consider how to put small spaces to work so that they are more attractive while giving a potential buyer an idea as to how that space might be used. Perhaps you have a small, empty area with a low, slanted ceiling. Could you put a bookcase there? A small desk and potted plant?

Freshen with paint

Finally, one of the most economical ways to perk up an outdated area is with paint. White paint, especially, will make any room look fresh and new again.

Bottom line, the primary goal in staging a home for sale is to create an attractive, welcoming environment and make it as easy as possible for people to visualize how your home might become theirs.

– Crystal Sullivan


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