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Opening the Door

Posted by taadmin on September 27, 2022

Welcome! You have arrived at the very first blog post for Virginia Coast Realty Group, and we’re so happy you’re here. In subsequent posts, we’ll talk about anything and everything to do with real estate, both from our perspective and from yours, but today I want to tell you a little bit about our firm.


Starting my own real estate firm has been a dream of mine for — well, forever, I think. I have had years of experience working for other firms and that was such a good way to learn about what is important to buyers and sellers, what they need and how a real estate professional can help. Virginia Coast Realty Group became a reality because I wanted to do things a bit differently. It was important to me to focus more personal attention on buyers and sellers. That starts with listening. For example, if John and Mary are looking for a rancher with a fenced-in back yard for Fido, I’m not going to show them a brick colonial on a busy street with no fencing in sight.

I also wanted to offer some unique amenities to all clients, so we have introduced a Pre-Listing Program for sellers and a Client Rebate Program for buyers. More about those in upcoming blogs.

The point is, whether you’re buying or selling, there is an often an unfortunate mixture of uncertainty and stress that accompanies the hum of excitement. As a realtor, my job is to help push aside any anxiety so that the excitement level can blossom. My hope is that your real estate experience will be pleasant, rewarding—and dare I say, fun?

It’s onward and upward here at Virginia Coast Realty, and we hope you are in a similar frame of mind, whatever your goals. You are cordially invited to click on our blog any time your thoughts stray to the world of real estate. Questions? Feel free to bring them up: My email address is [email protected]. Your thoughts might just prompt the subject for a blog down the line.

Again, welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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