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Soothing the Moving Blues

Posted by taadmin on September 27, 2022

Everybody hates moving, beginning with the task of finding the most responsible movers at a price that won’t make you faint. I’ve been in your shoes, and as a REALTOR®, I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to offer some advice to my clients both from my own experience and from the “adventures” that others have shared with me. To that end, here are five tips that I hope will make the effort of moving from one home to another a bit easier.


1. Be skeptical of the lowest price

The lowest price from a moving company isn’t always the best. Be sure you know what’s included. Who’s doing the packing, you or the movers? What do they charge for their boxes? If you pack yourself, the moving company probably won’t accept liability for anything that breaks or goes astray. Ask questions and get the answers in writing.

2. Get an estimate

Movers often provide two estimates: binding and nonbinding. The latter is based on the contents of your home and the distance of the move. Once the estimate is provided, the eventual charge can be no more than 10 percent higher than that figure. The former or binding estimate is actually a legal document that details the charges, which can’t be changed unless you ask for significant add-ons.

3. Consider pets and plants

Remember that Fluffy and Fido are moving, too. Arrange for a visit to the vet and make sure your pets have current vaccinations, certificates and identification. They may need medication for motion sickness and portable kennels, especially if traveling by air to the new destination. Be sure you keep their papers with you. As to your plants, the movers probably won’t carry them, especially if they will be crossing state lines. If you are traveling by car, you can check with the USDA regarding any rules that might affect you when transporting plants from state to state. If there are any plants you can’t bring to your new home, consider giving them to friends or donating them to a local retirement home.

4. Pack a survival kit

Remember to pack medications for everyone in the family. Also take things like scissors, a flashlight, a can opener, pet food, tissues, toilet paper, soap and your address book. Keep cash on hand. You will likely want to pick up pizza or sandwiches when you get to your destination and you will need to tip the movers.

5. Check the inventory list

Check the inventory list at the old home to be sure nothing was forgotten in the loading, then check it again as items are taken into the new home. The unloading process goes much faster, so between bites of pizza and giving directions as to where the TV, easy chairs and individual bedroom sets go, check off the items on the inventory list.

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